the Catalyst of YES

When, I list off people who are making a positive impact on the world – I have to think that their success is rooted in the ability to say “YES” to doing hard things.

So often we are found in a moment that presents a choice. This choice is weather to say “YES” or “NO” to a challenge.

  • The challenge could be in the unknown.
  • The challenge could be taking on a task you’ve never completed before
  • The challenge is having no idea where to start.

Here are a few quick examples of how I said “YES” to different challenges that have helped grow my business and more importantly – let me help over 10,000 people.


Early in my art career I was simply making paintings and trying to sell them. It wasn’t paying the bills and I was struggling to “make it” as an artist. One day, I was asked by the owner of a large amusement pier to paint a mural for him.

The Challenge – the mural was over 200 foot wide and I never painted anything over 2 foot wide.

In that moment I needed decide weather I would say “YES” to the challenge or bow out because the task we just too hard.

I did say, “YES” and took on the project in small chunks and was successful. I gained a great new client and still create artwork him today (it makes up a large part of my yearly income.)




My wife and I felt a calling on our hearts to open up our home and become foster parents. We feel we are loving people and we had an extra room in our house. So, we started researching how the process works.

The Challenge – Opening your home to children is also opening your heart to possible heartbreak. We decided the risk was worth the reward. The hurt that we feel when kids leave our home, out weighs the love that we can add to these kid’s lives. The frustrations that come from dealing with a broken social system pales in comparison to having the opportunity to love people like Jesus loves us.

Since we said “YES” to becoming foster parents we’ve cared for numerous children and helped care for hurting parents. Also, we’ve adopted two awesome boys who are now our forever sons.



Now, we will talk about the scariest decision moment in my life. A few years back, Typhoon Yolanda leveled large parts of the Filipino islands. The typhoon was the largest recorded typhoon ever to hit land. Thousands were dead and many more were dying from lack of medicine and fresh water. I had visited the Philippines before and loved the land and the people. When I was watching the news and seeing the destruction unfold – I had a feeling that I needed to go and help.

The Challenge – Go and help strangers in a country on the other side of the world that currently had no infrastructure and was filled with riots, death, and destruction.

In this moment, I sort of said “YES.” I was seeking advise from a few people and the whole thing steamrolled. People began sending me money to support my travel and buy supplies. Newspapers started calling me for interviews. I was in it now and there was no turning back. Within a week of the hurricane making landfall, I was on the ground with 100 fresh water filters. This would provide enough fresh drinking water for 10,000 people. I made friends with a few locals and we drove around from village to village delivering fresh water, medicine and food.



It’s hard to say where my art career would be if I said “NO” to my first big art job. I know we wouldn’t have our two amazing sons if we said “NO” to becoming foster parents. Lastly, where would all of those people gotten water if I was too afraid to venture out into the “dangerous unknown.” 

Now, I want to see HOW FAR CAN I GO?

So, I keep saying “YES” in the challenging moments

What challenge are YOU being faced with right now?

SAY “YES” – you will be surprised where it takes you.


Leave me a comment below to let me know if this has helped you say “YES” to a challenge.