“WHY” I create art

WHY is the most important thing.


When I was 31 years old, I was out shooting in water surf photography with a friend. We were the only two guys out. The wind was loud and the waves angry. These elements had worn on me, I was getting tired and began swimming to the beach. The heavy waves caught me and I was unable to get back to shore. Eventually I passed out, but by the grace of God, I washed up on the sand. I was alive. In my mind, I had said goodbye to my family as I started to black out underwater. Now as I lay staring at the grey sky – I had never been more grateful to be alive.

At that moment I was given a gift. This gift was a reminder that time here is short and needed to be lived well and with purpose.


A few weeks later I quit my job and began to discover my purpose in life.

  • With this decision I was able to spend more time at home with my family. We opened our home up to foster children and have adopted 2 sons through foster care. We continue to raise awareness for the needs of children and families
  • Working for myself, I have gained freedom to create art and tell my story through various nautical scenes and mediums. Stormy waves and life saving whales (remember Jonah) have shown up in my artwork. These stories in the artwork tell of violent storms and God’s merciful plan within those storms.
  • After time, I started to take on larger and more meaningful art projects. After Hurricane Sandy, I was able to create a huge mural that raised money for the victims of that storm. Once the storm waters resided, I gathered wood from the beach and built a towering wave sculpture that told the story of life after destruction. That wave then travelled to Michigan (in 700 pieces in the back of my truck) and participated in the world’s largest art contest. There the sculpture continued to tell the story of redemption to a whole new audience.
After painting this mural it was cut up and the abstract pieces of art were sold to raise money for “Waves for Water”

Quitting my job and deciding to live this creative life, has allowed me more time to travel and see the world. Following Jesus has challenged me to go and bring clean drinking water to various parts of the world through well drilling projects and reusable water filters.

Since that moment of nearly drowning, I have wanted to live a life with more purpose.

Drilling Fresh water wells in Honduras


I want to take my story, my unique experiences and the creative talent God has blessed me with to share the Good News and Love of Jesus to the world.


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