I want to take my story, my unique experiences and the creative talent God has blessed me with to share the Good News and Love of Jesus to the world.

The characters in these hope filled tales are a gritty mix of hesitant water creatures, obedient whales and thunderous waves. My art is expressed through paintings, sculpture, murals, clothing and graphic design. Through this art, I want the viewer to contemplate their story within the larger narrative of history.

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I was born at the peak of summer, by the beaches of New Jersey. Coming from a commercial fishing family, I understood first hand about life that revolves around the power of the sea. ­This knowledge and experience, naturally bleeds into my daily creative process.

After being voted “Most Friendly” in my high school and failing art for not following direction – I decided to move to California and devote the rest of my life to helping others and being untraditionally creative.

My wife Melissa Mae & I, have two sons we have adopted through foster care. We continually spread awareness to the great need for loving families who will open their homes to these awesome kids. Also, I have traveled the world distributing clean drinking water through well drilling & water filters.

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