If your life was a movie… would any one watch?

Last week I was blown away, when I posted a #tbt picture on instagram and it ended up being my most liked photo ever. It’s just a picture of me at my second art show sitting alone with a big dumb sad face.

I just thought it was a funny photo – so why did it resonate with so many people?


What if your life was a movie?

Most (good) movies all have similar elements in their story. You have a good guy who wants to do something of worth and he must over come a trial to reach that goal. If you think about, that is basically every movie ever written.

Are you living a life that is worth watching?

This doesn’t mean you have to be saving the world or disarming bombs, but it does mean you can’t just give up in defeat when you get knocked down or life seems too hard. How crappy of a movie would that be?

Here are some elements to a great movie life.

  • Have a goal (with meaning) – There has never been a movie about a guy who works all the time and is a jerk to his kids just so he can save up money for a fishing boat (that he uses by himself)
  • Identify the problem between you and that goal – Imagine if that same dad (from above crappy movie) realizes he’s a jerk and the movie ends with him fishing with his kids on a sunset colored lake…. Cue the tears!
  • Find a “guide” – We aren’t meant to do this life alone, so get a yoda.
  • Take Action – Jason Borne doesn’t just talk about punching people on facebook – he actually punches people in the face.


Never, Ever, Give up.

This is why I think that sad instagram photo resonated with so many people and got so many likes. This was a simple photo of me at a crossroads. Do I give up or do I press forward and follow my dreams to create art and help people?

Continuing in my art career after that extremely disappointing day, has allowed me many experiences and opportunities to travel the world, while helping many people alone the way.

How’s your movie playing out? The best movies come from the biggest transformations (i.e. nerdy teen farmer turns to mighty Jedi warrior) No matter how the first part of your movie has played out there is always time for an epic second act.

The SEE LIFE Series is all about not giving up when you feel over whelmed –

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