How to Write A Great Thank You Note

People like being appreciated.

In How to Win Friends & Influence People – one of Dale Carnegie’s fundamental human relation principles is “Give honest, sincere appreciation.” Writing a sincere thank you note can make lasting favorable impressions (both personally on professionally).

Use these super simple 6-steps to help write your next epic thank you note.

1 – Use their name
Start the note with a greeting, and be sure to use their name. It’s the sweetest word in everyone’s vocabulary – Their own name. e.g. “Dear Steve” <— see I told you it was easy. 
2 – Say Thanks
Keep it simple, specific and honest.
3 – Discuss Use
Briefly share how you are using the item and how it’s made you feel.
4 – One more Thank You
It’s not excessive to say thanks again.
5 – Personal Closure
Wrap it up with a close that expresses your final thought. Then sign your name.
6 – Send It
Don’t be a knuckle head, Buy some stamps and actually mail this thing. (texting is lame)

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