How to do what you can’t

Have you ever come across a problem or task and think  –
“Whoa, How the heck am I going to do this?”
What I have found is when we break down these tasks to the smallest possible elements – we can take on just about anything.

Recently I’ve been working out of my comfort zone on a big project. I was hired by the Cape May Brewing Company to redo their entrance space. Even though I am a painter, I am often hired to do things that aren’t paintings. But I love the opportunity to creatively solve customer’s problems. This project involved metal and wood trim work, lighting design and installation, stop motion videoing, and even a little painting. At first I was overwhelmed by the scale of the project (and the strict short deadline) but once I sat down and identified every element that needed to be done and made a plan – it didn’t seem so intimidating.

It’s Just Nuts and Bolts

This is something my Dad says all the time when he’s working on cars, boats, engines, forklifts…. Whatever. His philosophy is – every complex motor and machine is just made up of many, many, many, smaller parts.

If we can slowly figure out how all the little parts work together we can understand how to fix the larger problem.

What are you facing today, that seems too big to handle?

Don’t let the scale of the project paralyze you or scare you away from doing something super cool.

I used this same technique of making big problems small
to deliver fresh water filters to the Philippines after Typhoon Hayan. Read More Here

Thanks so much for doing life together, please let me know if you have any questions or if you have used this same technique to tackle big issues. I’d love to hear from you!.

– David