how I painted my AERIAL 7 DIY headphones

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to asked by world famous surf artist Drew Brophy to participate in an art project painting a pair of AERIAL 7’s new DIY headphones.

“Heck Yeah” it sounded like fun.

The headphones are a way different medium then I usually use which lent it self to experimenting with different techniques and just going for it.

The most time consuming part was “masking” the head phones. I knew I wanted to incorporate spray paint into the headphone design, because that is included in most all my art work. But I also wanted to exploit the headphones different angles and moving pieces. So, there ended up being quite a bit of taping and pealing and taping and pealing – to get each element to have it’s own feel.

My artwork is typically built off of photos I’ve taken with elements of typography mixed in. Yes i did brainstorm the idea of gluing photos to the headphones, but decided against it and stuck to mainly typography.

The theme of the piece is “Sea Billows Roll” which is based off an old hymn I love called “It is well” You can read more about that song and the artwork I’ve created surrounding it here and here.

All in all the project was a blast and I am stoked on the out come. I want to thank Drew and Maria Brophy for asking me to take part in this project, as well as AERIAL 7 for providing an excellent product (these things sound great) and a unique medium for artists to express them selves – – glad they are done and I can finally wear them and ROCK OUT!

Please enjoy this short time lapse video (1:14) showing the process of painting these headphones…

A few tips for you that i learned from painting the AERIAL 7 DIY’s

If you are going to use spray paint – use a gloss paint. That will make and designs you are doing over with a marker or pen go on much easier.
– Take care handling these when working. Unlike a canvas or paper, your hands are all over these and you want make sure not to smudge the hard work you just did on the other side. So I would recommend putting the Hersheys Bars away while painting as well.
– Have Fun – I sat for a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to do on these and finally I just said, “Go for it” and started slinging paint (literally) Don’t be intimidated by the odd shape, just by adding some color to the different pieces is really gonna make these babies look SWEET. 


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  1. Maria Brophy says:

    Wow, David, this is off-the-charts! You have an amazing, unique style. I really love how much information you put in this post on how you did it and tips for others. Awesome!

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